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Leo is the Zodiac sign for August and this month would be dedicated to lions. Melissa chose a majestic male and female lion to represent the Goals and Achievements board for the gym members.

I am intrigued by how an artists mind works and what Melissa could see that I could not. I only saw the chalk board--blank, empty, and intimidating. She began sketching quick lines and soon the lines began to make sense with shadows, depth and dimension.

The murals take anywhere between two and four hours. Sometimes Melissa says she doesn't have a plan and will stare at the wall until an inspiration takes over. Often times she will lose track of time as she draws, everything disappearing while she works. This was no exception, Melissa became enveloped in her work, time flying as the Magic Mike soundtrack bumped in the background.

I watched as the mural took shape from a simple sketched outline to a detailed, intricate, dimensional drawing. A blank chalk wall turned into a beautiful tribute to majestic animals.

When she finished, and I saw an incredible piece of art.  As every artist does, Melissa found  some imaginary imperfection and perfected it, something that no one else would see.  Melissa says her favorite part is getting engulfed into her drawings and stepping back to see the result. As she stepped back she smiled, she finally saw what I had been staring at.

Melissa is an incredible artist and you can check out more of her work at Love Rose Studio on Facebook and IG @melissarose0414.
Follow along as I will continue to spotlight artists and models!



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Spotlight on Survivors 2016! https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2016/4/spotlight-on-survivors-2016 After the whirlwind of the 2nd Annual Spotlight on Survivors slowed down and I sit looking through the photographs of the event, I am warmed at the strength and positivity of the survivors. The ladies represented all different paths on the road of cancer, but one thing that everyone had in common was the strength, the determination not to give up, the choice to deal with their diagnosis and subsequent treatments with a smile on their face. Looking around the room as the ladies described their journeys I saw nods, smiles, looks of understanding, and tears. Cancer became a common bond that brought this roomful of strangers together, a safe place to share stories and fears. The tears quickly dried up and the laughter and smiles took over as the ladies were treated to massages, hair and makeup.

Overall, I am pleased with the event which took nine already beautiful woman and treated them to some pampering and relaxation. This year’s spotlight could not be possible without the help of the wonderful stylists who volunteered their time and services. A huge thank you to Liz from Tainted Inc, Laura, Agata, Nicole and Kristyn from Larissa Lake, Inc., Jennifer, Jenn and Adrianna from Hair Unlimited, Quana from Stylz by Q, and Cheryl from Damato Chiropractic Center.

For more pictures from the event, please click the “Client Access” tab on the main page and use “Spotlight2016” as the gallery ID.

Thank you to the survivors who participated and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

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Gym Time! https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/12/gym-time As you may know, I love to push and continually challenge myself. I recently challenged myself with a fitness shoot, something I had never done before. I tried to research the perfect tips, settings etc and I found next to nothing that was helpful. My inspiration was a dark, moody, serious style. So I experimented, played around and just decided to try it!

So to prep for the shoot I found Jessica, a model willing to work with me and knowing it was my first shoot of the type, willing to be patient with me. Next to secure a gym to use! Jessica found us Crossfit High Order to use for the afternoon (check them out at http://crossfithighorder.com/). 

On the day of, I brought a bunch of lenses and ended up using my 24-70 for the entire shoot, three softboxes, reflector and my new lighting wand. The gym itself has windows on two sides so I used the softboxes to direct the light where I wanted it to land. After playing around a bit I ended up settling on 1/200, f5.6, 160 ISO. I set up the lighting in a triangle, using a large floor to ceiling white board as my white infinity wall (just be careful because the whiteboards reflect the light and if you aren't careful is will shine onto the background itself). I used the reflector to throw some extra light and the wand as a hair light. 1/200 f5.6 160ISO 24-70mm

For this pic I used a softbox on the models left side and a wand as a hair light to back light and cast shadows. The shadows create great definition of her muscles.

In this setup, I used two softboxes on the right side and the natural light coming in from the high windows. I attached the battle ropes to a weight stand and I was positioned directly in the center of the ropes. Yes, she was strong enough to beat me with the ropes....

This was a special request by Jessica. Together we channeled a boxers pose with dark, moody tones. Lighting was set up on her left, above her head, casting shadows on her face.

A huge thanks to Andrew at Crossfit High Order for the use of the gym-I could not have found a better set up and we both thank you for everything you did to help out!

Crossfit High Order http://crossfithighorder.com/

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Fall is the time for families! https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/12/fall-is-the-time-for-families Fall in New England is a beautiful time, perfect for families to get together in front of a camera! This was a busy fall for me, full of families being themselves; goofy, funny, serious, loving and just perfect!

Fall is for families!

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...the quest for something new... https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/11/-the-quest-for-something-new Speaking as a photographer, I'm always looking for something new; new faces, new places, new toys. Today was all three wrapped into one. Today I set out looking for a new place for a shoot with a new face and a brand new lens in my camera bag. With the help of my fellow photog Al Kim, I was pointed toward a new venue...until we found this perfect location right next door! I credit the success of the day to Al who stuck around to play with his camera on our willing model and shared his wealth of knowledge. I always love others views and creative eye and I think his influence shows! A beautiful location and a beautiful model makes my job easy!




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Ashley and William https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/ashley-and-william When I heard the bride and groom would be celebrating their anniversary on their wedding day, I just knew everything about their magical day would be thought out and meaningful. Ashley’s bouquet was filled with purple roses just like the purple roses that Will brought Ashley on their first date. They had thought of every detail and surrounded themselves with a full room of family and friends. What a beautiful day!

Ashley & WilliamWickum Park

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Carlie & Eric https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/carlie-eric There was so much about this wedding that was true to this energetic and fun couple! With Eric being a firefighter and their combined love for Disney, their true spirits beamed though in all the details of this amazing wedding. Love filled the room like the laughter of their family and friends.

Carlie Carlie & EricHubbard Park

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Harper https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/harper Miss Harper is a very lucky little girl who was born into a loving and amazing family. She may be too young to know it yet, but she is already wrapped around her parents fingers. Harper was cooperative enough to take photographs with a special stuffed animal that adorns her room and the preciousness of the moment was breathtaking.


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Giuliana Grace https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/giuliana-grace Her name says it all…Full of class and grace, Miss Giulianna stole the show, and my heart. She spent the entire session sleepy and cooperative, allowing her to be dolled different outfits including the cutest tutu. Just when you did not think it could get any cuter, add big sister Mikaela and the love between the two could be felt.

Giuliani Grace

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Adelynn's Newborn-8 Days https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/adelynns-newborn-8-days What can I say about this beautiful girl? Brought into the world by two new parents who were already in love before she arrived, Miss Adelynn was destined to be an amazing baby. Adelynn slept like a dream during the session, allowing outfit changes with barely a sigh.

Adelynn-8 days new

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Connie and Matt-Gender Reveal and Maternity Session https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/connie-and-matt-gender-reveal-and-maternity-session How fitting that these two plan their gender reveal session at the same place they became engaged? It was a chilly day on the beach, but you would never know it watching their faces painted with anticipation. The pressure was on for me, being the only one that knew whether it would be pink or blue. I was lucky enough to document her pregnancy again with a beautiful fall maternity session at Lyman’s Orchards.

Gender Reveal...its a girl! Maternity Beautiful backdrop provided by Lyman's Orchards

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Gianna and Arianna https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/gianna-and-ayden Look at these two adorable sisters! It was a freezing cold day but they didn't care, they just wanted to chase the ducks! These two dolls were so patient and cooperative and I just love how you can see how much they love each other! Gianna & Arianna

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Nicole and Pauline https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/10/nicole-and-pauline I was asked to take pictures as a Mother's Day present for this beautiful mom and her amazing daughter. Thinking back, I do not have nearly enough pictures with my own mother, and what a great idea for a present. It was a chilly spring day at the Hubbard Park Daffodil Festival but their smiles warmed the day! Nicole & Pauline

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Spotlight on Survivors https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/4/spotlight-on-survivors After the successful completion of my first “Spotlight on Survivors” I look back at the day and I am speechless. As I go through the pictures I am reminded of how withdrawn, nervous and shy the survivors looked walking through the door; rightfully so…five strangers with only cancer in common walked into a room not really sure what would happen. As the process happened, I saw laughter, confidence, and a spark that was not there before. And in a nutshell, that is exactly why I did this event. I saw women who hadn’t considered themselves beautiful in some time be transformed with the help of a little hairspray and eyeliner so that the outside matched the beauty within. I saw the happiness, the laughter, the giddy jokes take over and the mood was changed. As each survivor stepped up for their own photo session I saw women who were strong, brave and beautiful. I saw connections being made and five strangers become five friends.

This day could not have been done without the help of my hair stylists and makeup artists who donated their time and talent (well above and beyond) as well as Kensington Market, who jumped at the opportunity  for donating food and Fourteen G for the spectacular studio and all the help I received  to make this day such a success. My wheels are already spinning for next years event!

For more pictures of the day, use the Client Access tab, Gallery ID 'Spotlight'.



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Spring Mini Sessions https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/3/spring-mini-sessions Introducing Spring Mini Sessions...slots are filling fast so contact me to reserve your time slot!


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Sharing Some Love 2015 https://www.akphotographystudio.net/blog/2015/2/sharing-some-love-2015 This past weekend I was blessed to be included in a photoshoot for breast cancer survivors. I have been very vocal about my history as  a breast cancer survivor, advocating to anyone who will listen. The women in my family have battled cancer for as long as I can remember and three years ago I joined the battlefield myself.  I look back at my cancer journey and I feel blessed. Does that sound crazy? Probably, but I wouldn’t change one minute of my story. I was diagnosed early and even though my treatment was drastic, it was my only option. I feel my journey has become a part of who I am. I have come to love my scars and treat them as my badges of courage. Cancer is not who I am, just a part of the story of Aimee. I have spent a great amount of time speaking about my experiences, volunteering my time, and fundraising so one day no one has to hear the words “you have cancer”.

I found out about this amazing opportunity masterminded by Genine Gullickson, who is an amazing photographer in the Schenectady, NY area. As her way to continue to give back, she organized an amazing day with six cancer survivors. I was lucky enough to be included and we were treated to a day of pampering; hair and makeup by amazing stylists who donated their Sunday to making the ladies feel beautiful. And let me tell you, the ladies looked amazing…And if that wasn’t enough, a mini-photoshoot with Genine in her beautiful studio, Clique Studio.

Now, I’d like to say my favorite part of the day was getting pampered, spoiled, dolled up, the mile-long eyelashes, the gorgeous pictures taken… but it wasn’t. My favorite part of the day was sitting down with the other five fighters, before the stylists took over;  none of us with makeup on, my hair stuffed in a winter hat, sipping on a mimosa, sharing our stories. Six women from all different walks of life shared their stories, fears, strengths, proud accomplishments, frightening moments. We ranged from 3 years cancer free to eighteen years to still in the fight. We may have started that day as strangers, but we left as sisters. 

I left with a full heart and a head full of ideas...stay tuned for my opportunity to give back!


And dont forget to check out Genine Gullickson http://www.geninegullickson.com


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